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Recent Writings


  Words for June 25, 2020 I love Bob and Shirley. They are like my second parents. Dianne and I and our family have been so blessed to have multiple spiritual fathers and mothers. I hope to paint them although it is intimidating because it has to be done right.   Only One Word   […]

Dual Art Show Premier

Merle Nordyke will be showing photographs at the Petrified Art Gallery during the months of June and July. Regional painter Ron Nordyke will also be displaying a series of paintings of “quilts and hands” based on how we relate to quilts throughout our lives. This is the premier showing of his ten-year 14-painting collection. Merle […]

Pierce the Surface

Just A Thought: I had an idea for a painting. I was thinking about sewing (material or quilting) and sowing grain (like wheat, since that is what we see here). The similarities like pushing a hole in the surface of the skin of the earth, and pushing a needle and thread through fabric either by […]