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written and illustrated by Ron Nordyke

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Discovering Beauty in the Commonplace




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Written and illustrated by Ron Nordyke

Recent Writings

A Pair of Art Shows Featured Locally

“Visions Past…Who We Were and Who We Are Now”, Native American paintings by Ron Nordyke, is now showing at the Petrified Wood Museum and Art Gallery until June 28, 2021. Those who came before us, those who envisioned a life on our land, had dreams and passions.  We are merely an inheritor of their imagination […]

Grief is like the Ocean

Grief is like the ocean; we walk the shores of it Sometimes it comes in slowly, quietly, even unnoticed in the dark. We feel the coldness creeping up and around us. As it gets deeper, it gets stronger…pushing and moving us as it moves. Sometimes it’s warm and soothing water brings us rest and calm…even comfort. We walk […]


Written and illustrated by Ron Nordyke Page One: “In the stillness of the night I can see the outline of a horse ripping through the darkness. High above, a tiny moon casts its glowing light on the distant landscape. I remember the stories my mother told me about the night I was born, at the […]