NEW!  EagleHorse, the Book!
written and illustrated by Ron Nordyke
Nominated for the 2021 Will Rogers Medallion Awards!

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Discovering Beauty in the Commonplace




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EagleHorse is one of two finalists for the prestigious 2021 Will Rogers Medallion Awards nominated by the WRMA in WESTERN FICTION for YOUNG READERS/ILLUSTRATED. You will love sharing this beautiful full-color book with your child or grandchild.

Written and illustrated by Ron Nordyke

Recent Writings


Written and illustrated by Ron Nordyke Page One: “In the stillness of the night I can see the outline of a horse ripping through the darkness. High above, a tiny moon casts its glowing light on the distant landscape. I remember the stories my mother told me about the night I was born, at the […]

Pierce the Surface

Just A Thought: I had an idea for a painting. I was thinking about sewing (material or quilting) and sowing grain (like wheat, since that is what we see here). The similarities like pushing a hole in the surface of the skin of the earth, and pushing a needle and thread through fabric either by […]

Evening Prayer

I thought of the nights when my Grandma Nordyke would be praying for her family and especially for her boys who were in the middle of the battle so far away from home.  They all came home safe.  Later I came across this article. An article in The Norfolk Daily News, Norfolk, Nebraska during WWII. […]